A Helpful Tool

Tools are important. Tools help a builder construct a house. The internet is a tool that allows us to communicate. And there are also many tools available to help and guide us along the path of spiritual growth.

One such tool is a daily Bible reading plan. Reading the Scriptures on a regular basis is important as we seek to grow in Christlikeness. God has spoken in his Word and we would do well to listen. However, most of us will fail to just pick up the Bible every day and read because we feel like it. We need a plan, a tool to help us dive into God’s Word daily.

This subject is on my mind because today I am beginning a new Bible reading plan myself. I have been reading some books of the Bible slowly and carefully over the summer, but now it is time to return to a normal plan that will allow me to read the Bible in a year. Since today is my birthday, I felt it to be a great day to start.

Several great options for reading plans exist and can be found here. I have chosen the M’Cheyne One-Year Reading Plan for this year.

It can also be helpful to read the Bible through in different translations. For example, this year I am reading the ESV translation but next year I plan to read the King James Version.

If you do not currently have a plan that has you in the Scriptures daily, I would encourage you to check out this site and get started today. My birthday just may be a good day for you to start as well.

Bible study is the metal that makes a Christian; this is the strong meat on which
holy men are nourished; this is that which makes the bone and sinew of men who
keep God’s way in defiance of every adversary. – Charles Spurgeon

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